Getting to the essence of what I do,
I now understand that light painting is above all, movement.
To me, it is a mix of dancing and martial arts.

Light moves everywhere all the time.
Our bodies are emitting light
and expressing something subtle but important.
We must see it and understand it.
We must reveal it’s secrets and knowledge.
I believe it is a key connected to our consciousness.

The light painting KATA
is the expression of our light and
the trace we leave behind.

See the 2nd generation of katas here:


From Wikipedia:
In Japanese language, kata (though written as 方)
is a frequently-used suffix meaning “way of doing,”
with emphasis on the form and order of the process.
Other meanings are “training method” and “formal exercise.”

The goal of a painter’s practicing, for example,
is to merge his consciousness with his brush;
the potter’s with his clay;
the garden designer’s with the materials of the garden.
Once such mastery is achieved, the theory goes,
the doing of a thing perfectly is as easy as thinking it.



Liteblade light tools designed by Patrick Rochon and built by Chopin Joseph:

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