A collaboration with LOCAL B hair salon.

Sexy beauty lighting created by hand with light painting.
On this project I challenged myself to create and push basic beauty studio white light using light painting, to clearly show the hair, makeup and qualities of the model while keeping it sexy, edgy and fashionable. All of this with out a flash. So this is 100% light painting. The images are completely created with small hand held portable moving lights.

To me, this is a gem of creation, a rare opportunity to go “full on” with a client and the creative team. The hair salon Local B owner Véronique Beaupré approached me to create this project we now call Super Chromatic.

The process, once again was a key to this success. Taking the time to meet, talk, brain storm with Véronique, doing test shoots to get the right colours, the perfect hair and light painting effect all lined up in the same direction.

The fun we had shooting for two days till late in the night, we light painted for over twelve hours a day, the team was non-stop, constantly creating new looks with the five professional models. A wave of creation for all of us, we waited a long time to make this happen and release it. 

The creative Team:

Hair: Véronique Beaupré, co-owner of local B, and Antoine Binet-Jolicoeur, hairstylist at local B, who worked withKérastase and Pureology products and with GEEwigs™ extensions from Gaël Betts.

Photography & Light Painting: Patrick Rochon.

Stylist: Rosalie Lemay, who worked with Polymorphe latex for her designs.

Makeup: Virginie Vandelac

Models: Ariane, Léonie, Kat, and Charlène from the Montage model agency