The Light Painting Sculptures series are demonstrating the four dimensions of painting with light.

In the video piece, you can actually see and experience the four dimensions at work. Light accumulates through space and time to create the final image. It’s the accumulation of all these moments that creates the final piece, the complete picture when all the pieces come together. Time being the forth dimension. 

I shot video and photography simultaneously.
While I was finishing rendering all the echos, for the video, I came across the song Decay by Monolake, an artist I’ve been admiring for a long time. I tried it with the images and it worked perfectly.

One of these pictures was used for the cover of the NewScientist in 2012. This was a great honour since I’m a fan of science and I believe that art and science should collaborate together more and more to open up new possibilities and create new worlds of discoveries.

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