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Patrick Rochon, the philosophy, the question and the bio

The Philosophy behind my work.

To me light painting is an expression of our true selves. It's about the trace we create and leave behind. Through science, we now know that our bodies are emitting light. So in a way, we've been and are constantly light painting by nature.
Light painting is an amazing art form. It enhances your imagination, wakes up your intuition and reflects who you are and where you are at. It’s like a creative mirror of the soul.


Where is this light painting art going?

When I started light painting, I discovered a way to explore magic. It's like taking a picture of something that, doesn’t exist, like creating without seeing.
As a light painter, I work in the dark. Intuition and imagination are my main senses. By practicing this art passionately, I’ve come to hear the inner self whisper hints and guides me towards new ideas and insights. In this creative zone, I find a place where the conscious meets the unconscious. It is a doorway to learn and discover the higher-self. It is a journey.
So to answer the question: Where is light painting art going? Well as an explorer, if you knew where the journey was to end, what you'd discover and what obstacles you would face, would you still go for it?

My admiration for light is ongoing, nourishing my curiosity for life and its great wonders.



I began light painting in Montreal in 1992. Five years later, I came to understand that I was a light painter and chose to dedicate myself completely to this exploration while leaving other types of photography behind. Through this journey, I encountered several unexpected and unusual creative projects collaborating with Butoh dancers in Japan, fashion magazines, movie-makers, hair salons, musicians and skin care products companies. I did a campaign with the Minister of Education to encourage the youth in exploring their passions intensely without drugs. I’ve created projects with companies such as Red Bull, Blend 285, Toyota (Lexus), Honda, Infiniti Motors, Chevrolet. I’ve done portraits of actresses, TV personalities, doctors and other clients looking for art to enhance their living spaces.


I created live multi-media shows for Adobe in Vegas, for Zain Telecommunications in Kuwait, for the Dubai Car Festival in collaboration with Infiniti Motors and created a live performance for TD Bank shown at a fundraiser for AIDS in Montreal.
I’ve created the Light Painting Kata that I keep practicing on a regular basis,  and created with 360 degree bullet time technique using 24 cameras, light painting in 100% darkness with live models to make the video Liftoff.
The collaboration with Red Bull and Snap!, mixing art-technology and wake boarding, was an excellent example of exploring new grounds by combining different mediums and ideas for viral campaign success.


With light painting, I have drawn considerable attention from major blogs such as WIRED, Peta Pixel, Laughing Squid, This is Colossal, DAZED, Iso1200, Trend Hunter, Photogy, NOTCOT, UFUNK, FStopper, POP PHOTO MAG, The Phoblograper, Huffington Post, Get Addicted To, My Modern Met, The Cool List and GIZMODO.


I’ve done the magazine cover for 6629 Photo-Video, the New Scientist Magazine and Salon Mag. I also collaborated with magazines such as Rolk & Folk, WIRED, TechMAG, Resource, Foto & Video, Studio Voice, IdN, PAGE, Professional Lighting Design, Popular Photography and Vie des Arts.


"Light is invisible until it touches matter"



All images copyright © Patrick Rochon. All rights reserved. 


Patrick Rochon by Pierre Tremblay