In 2013, I launch the first light painting kata on the web (link here). Since then, I've been practicing the art and witnessing it's evolution. Here is the second generation of the light painting katas. 

The light painting katas are a freestyle exploration, a “dance” similar to martial art, where all the energy and the concentration is focused on a light tool. In this case, I use my own creation, the Liteblades. (

The light tool leaves trace during a photographic long exposure using the bulb mode and tripod to create the final image. Colours are generates with a mixture of filters on the lights. We can call this energy art

The first generation of katas are linked here:

KATA From Wikipedia:
In Japanese language, kata (though written as 方)
is a frequently-used suffix meaning “way of doing,”
with emphasis on the form and order of the process.
Other meanings are “training method” and “formal exercise.”

The goal of a painter’s practicing, for example,
is to merge his consciousness with his brush;
the potter’s with his clay;
the garden designer’s with the materials of the garden.
Once such mastery is achieved, the theory goes,
the doing of a thing perfectly is as easy as thinking it.


Liteblade light tools designed by Patrick Rochon and built by Chopin Joseph: