Whooo, I’m feeling so strange right now, my vision is all blurry and my body aches like I’m going to faint.

That was so strange and wild.

Tonight after taking a bath I did a kind of OBE through this portal in some kind of dark space, I was so out of this world or just maybe into it... For a while there was nothing, like empty space. Later far away I saw some small light dots getting closer. I wasn’t sure if it was getting closer to me or if I was moving towards them. Movement was hard to understand. Anyway, it moved organically like living creatures in symbiosis and had many colours in bunches mixing and regrouping. For a moment I taught I was under water floating.

Those things and I were quite close. I froze and stared for a while. I could not understand what was happening.

My mind started rushing, things got hectic. Heart beats faster, about to panic, no, no, no, no, no. Wait I can do this, I know how, just relax, breath, relax, calm down…. Ok I’m better, it’s ok, everything is fine I’m better, I’m good, yeah, all good.

The things are also coming down and got so close to me, I’m not feeling any danger. Actually if I observe fishes like I’m at the aquarium or something it’s fine, actually it’s beautiful. Wow, the more beautiful I find it, the more beautiful it gets. I’ so excited seeing this, they are multiplying like crazy, it’s like they are feeling me somehow, responding, it’s like in synch with what I think or feel. I’m letting go and I’m getting mesmerized by the beauty, the lights, the gentleness, the interaction. It’s like I know exactly how and why they are reacting or moving the way they are in symbiosis with me. Like I’m in their thoughts or they are in mine. I feel they are my thoughts in lights, if this makes any sense…

We played for a while and then I taught about what I was doing before I was here in this space.

Suddenly they started to leave, back away at the same time I felt my reality coming back to me, my loft, my things, my work, my responsibilities, by now the luminous little things were all gone and I was back home.

I took a few breath and started writing.

Sorry, I dint do any spell check, I just had to tell you this quickly while I’m embedded in this amazingly strange experience.

P.S. It’s a good thing I brought my camera on this trip. They move quick these things but, I captured a few good ones  ;)

Yes, this is a fiction, a reality based fiction. I really was in the bathtub and had a sudden spontaneous inspiration to light painting my vision. When I was light painting these microscopic pieces. My imagination was rushing.  I felt left reality like I was into an other world, traveling, exploring something new and unusual. I felt transported into an other dimension playing with luminous dots of light sensitive to my thoughts. Afterwards, when I came back to myself, my studio, it was like a little shock of coming back to reality. I wrote this fiction capturing the real feeling I had and pushed with my imagination.

*(SOOC) Straight out of camera. No digital manipulation, each images are shot on a single exposure.