Refine your light lines.

The All-New Liteblade® PEN TIPS.
Designed for light calligraphy, light graffiti, writing, drawing, or simply to make fine lines. It is also used for light painting portraits and to apply light on the human figure.

There are 6 types of tools; ARROW, BEZEL, BOLD, BULLET, POINT, ROUND each coming in 3 sizes; 6, 4 and 2 centimetres wide for a total of 18 All-New  Liteblades®. These tools create rich and refined lines for long exposure photography.

The maximum length of each Pen Tip is 6cm outside the KYO holder and 5.5cm inside the KYO holderIt is recommended to shorten the blade with black paper tape to make thinner lines.

Designed and tested by well-known light painter, Patrick Rochon and available worldwide at the online store here:


You can see the Liteblade® Pen Tips as first introduced within Tim McGraw's recently released Lyric Video "NEON CHURCH":


Additional highlights can be found in the Behind the Scene video: 



The ARROW Pen Tip is a contrasted voluminous tool. It creates surprising squarish volumes with large side highlights. The end-line-overlaps are deep and layered.

The BEZEL Pen Tip gives a large thin, classy ribbon trail of light. Its gradation goes from dark to light, one side to the other. The end-line-overlaps are variant depending on the angling of the tool.

The BOLD Pen Tip is smooth with rich gradations, and the highlight concentrates towards the centre. It makes a clean line. The end-line-overlaps are distinctively bold, bright and add visual character to the composition.

The BULLET Pen Tip makes an excellent highlight centred at the tip, like a neon line creating an impactful contrasty impression. The end-line-overlaps are electric and crisp.

The POINT Pen Tip is rich, textural tool. It can quickly go from thin to voluminous making original and uneven detailed lines. The end-line-overlaps are bright by stamping its triangular shape.

The ROUND Pen Tip is smooth all around. The line has a rich, thick simple gradation, making this tool extra clean with a full, centred highlight, and the end-line-overlaps are very soft.


See the close-up details of the 6 Pen Tips here below. Note that each image was created with the 4cm (medium) blades. 

 Free colour pallets and wallpapers are available here.

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