Patent Pending Liteblade Kyo system

Good news for all of us, the next generation of Liteblade is now available.
This is the most versatile system to date, and it's now giving you a multitude of creative options for your light painting creations. 
Having the blade detach from its base is one of the new advantages for the replacement or transportation of the blades. 
The round bottom design enables you to tilt the blade on angles to create different diffusions and effects.
The KYO was built for you, the light painters, giving you creative possibilities and long-lasting quality at a good price. Shipping worldwide now. 


• Dual blade attachment system with the option of holding one or two blades.
• Solid design for the most intensive light painting katas and freestyle movements.
• Including a pressure plate when using a single blade for maximum strength and protection.
• Built with aircraft grade aluminium weighing only 94 grams.
• Round bottom blades tilting design, opening to a multitude of creative combinations.
• Top openings to create flares and strokes with color gels.
• Adjustable angle for the side button users giving the blade the chosen direction.
• Designed for the Klarus XT & RS series.