Light Painting with 24 cameras in a circle.   24x360


Hooking up with Timecode Lab and Eric Pare here in Montreal, I had the chance to experiment with the 360 degree Bullet Time light painting rig. The setup is basically analog. 24 cameras on a ring pointing towards the center and exposing every direction at the same time. So, you get a picture from 24 different angles. We cumulate all these pictures in a timeline to create a clip. The Matrix film used the same technique called bullet time. Doing it in the dark with light painting is quite challenging. First, we have to work in total 100% darkness with the hand held torches and light tools waiting on the floor next to me. The model is standing still in the center. Then, when I light paint, I have to consider that cameras are all around me so how to light paint without creating a shadow of myself on the model since there is always a camera behind my back. It's a new way of working and thinking... More like gymnastic, synchronicity and a bit of luck.

The music was created by Cayce is Music.

You can see all the individual animations and the full project here at


Vimeo staff pick. Special edit collaboration between Eric Paré and Patrick Rochon.

Light painting by Patrick Rochon

Original music: ATARIUS by Cayce. 

Executive Producer: Stephane Hoareau Timecode Lab: Eric Paré: 

Tech team : Nicolas Foisy, Jeremy Lloubes, Jean-François Sarrazin

Post processing : Jeff Malo

Models: Geneviève Borne 

Jacinthe Amyot & Sanchia Rooker dressed by Paraître Inc.