At the Bay Adelaide Center, downtown Toronto two exhibitions featured and open to the public. In the West Tower, a series of abstract light paintings titled Cosmic Dance. In the East Tower, Art and Commerce, a collaboration with Infiniti Middle East and TBWA\RAAD.



Imagine – light as your pigment, darkness as your canvas. Isn’t this what we are as a solar bundle in the cosmos? 

It is said that the origins of drawing have a milestone around 600BC when Kora of Sycion, the daughter of a clay potter, traced with charcoal the silhouette of her beloved before his departure.  She used the contours of his shadow on the wall so that her father could sculpt a model of the young man during his absence. Thus painting and drawing originated as love and remedy to longing, as well as from experiencing the play of light and darkness directly. In this optic, painting with light seems to be the natural evolution and deepening of our artistic expression that explores the trace that we leave in the midst of the unknown. We have gone from charcoal, the residue of fire, to using light itself.

Entering the world of abstract art and beyond, opening up to the energy of this expression, Rochon captures the ethereal beauty of multi-dimensional realities. 

These are the windows to this Cosmic Dance.


Light Painting consists of moving or “painting” by hand, with lights, in complete darkness during an extended photographic exposure. While the body of the artist disappears in the darkness, the trace of light in the air is all that is left to see, astonishing images of movement captured and revealed.

Patrick’s body moves in front of the camera - nimble, neither dance nor martial arts yet both at the same time.  A body becomes a full expression, breath incarnate. Surprising, natural, flowing, rhythmic, morphing. Light Painting, above all, is movement and its trace. Movement unlocks mysterious knowledge; it is a key to consciousness. And its trail keeps moving us.

Patrick Rochon is an internationally acclaimed Canadian artist and celebrated ambassador of Light Painting who has introduced this art form to public awareness over a decade ago. His stunning, unprecedented artwork, his creation of light painting tools called Liteblades, his generosity in sharing knowledge and skill both with other artists and with the general public, makes him one of the leading community-builders and inspirational figures in this modality of fine art.

It didn’t take long for the commercial world to discover Rochon's work and to tap into the rich potential that his art presented.

For Patrick Rochon, art and life are intimately intertwined and allowing artistic expression to play on business grounds is yet another exploration of how light is moving in this world.


Videos shown at the exhibition:

Exhibit B: Art and Commerce

 Inspired Light

In collaboration with TBWA\RAAD and INFINITI Motors Middle East, a commercial-art project flourished in Dubai.

Where art meets quality products, a whole new potential hatched and breathtaking forms emerged. The range of possibilities with light is infinite especially when exploring a subject of exceptional qualities such as a car by transforming it into a “light paintbrush.” Working with a strong production crew and a collective of specialists, this project was able to come to fruition due to a global initiative aiming at creating a genuinely cutting-edge piece of art.

A deep bow to Infiniti, TBWA\RAAD and Rochon's team for taking the risk of a truly creative endeavour, being open to awe-inspiring experimentation and innovation.