Commercial light painting brings a lot of new challenges. Each project, being unique, requires adjusting to a new team of people, understanding the client’s intention, and outlining how all parties take part in the process of reaching the desired outcome.

A well organized and synchronized production with open communication is what brought all pieces smoothly together for this project. Many thanks to Looping Group, Mercedes-Benz and all the team members who came together to create this most successful outcome.

Creating an impressive experience for Mercedes-Benz ambassadors, this event was set up to promote the new Mercedes-Benz EQC with a multi-media campaign. Over 40 ambassadors and influencers from all over the world traveled to Oslo, Norway to see the Mercedes-Benz EQC and take part in this unique light painting experience.

In a large black box, a photo booth was set up with the shiny grey EQC. The music was pumping some serious electronic beats from within the car while myself and my team, dressed entirely in black, got into position all around the EQC, ready to make the light painting art happen.

Keeping the fast pace of social media in mind, the result had to be available for immediate distribution. And so it was - capturing both photography and video format available within minutes while giving each ambassador a unique experience and a view behind the process of light painting.

We created these hero images of the EQC to be featured in Mercedes-Benz’s me Magazine for print publication. In the me Magazine feature we were able to focus more on the beautifully designed lines of the car. You can find more images as well as the article here.


Here is the article on line:

I felt really lucky to be part of the event and to be surrounded by people who accomplished terrific dreams, careers and goals.

Check out all images from the shoot on my Instagram @patrickthelightpainter