Klarus light RS11

Memory function: When the light is on for more than 3 seconds, the mode will be memorized. Turn the light off, then the next time you switch the light on it will activate with the memorized mode.

As you would expect, press the upper raised switch (with the power logo) for on-off. You can temporarily press for momentary, press longer for locked-on. The timing here takes some getting used to – despite what the specs say, on my sample you need to hold it for a good 2 secs for it to stay locked-on. That means you could easily signal in Morse code with the momentary feature, but may be a bit frustrating initially for constant-on. 

You turn the light off by a quick press-release of the on/off switch. You change modes by pressing and holding the on/off switch for >0.6 secs, which will cause the light to jump to the next output mode (and hold at that level). To change output mode again, you have to release the switch and sustain-press once more (i.e., simply holding the switch down will not advance you more than one mode). Mode sequence is Hi > Med > Lo, in a repeating loop on successive presses. 

To activate strobe, press and hold the lower switch (with the caution logo). As before, a temporary press will give you momentary mode, a 2+ sec press is required for constant-on strobe. 

The charging dock/cable fully charged a 2200mAh AW protected 18650 in a just over five and half hours.


Klarus light XT12

Press the large forward clicky switch for on-off (press for momentary, click for locked-on).

Change modes by pressing the smaller electronic switch. Mode sequence is Hi – Med – Lo, in a repeating loop. Press and hold the mode-changing switch to activate Strobe.

Note that Strobe can be activated directly from Off by pressing the secondary switch. I haven't measured it, but this suggests that a standby current must be present when the tailcap is fully tightened.

There is no memory mode – the light always comes on in Hi mode.