I’m very excited to release this project. It all started with a visual exploration and tests on how to create videography with light painting. Videography offers different possibilities than long exposure photography so the mindset and process changes. One shooting at a time, we ended up making a complete music video for the Montreal music artist APigeon. This became an “out of the box” music video experiment not following any conventions. The core creative is composed of Annie Pigeon, Pierre Tremblay, Thomas Csano and myself working as a collaborative. All the lighting was in motion and hand held using torches and specialized tool like the Liteblades. The editing was composed of two parts; the accumulation of lights and the synchronization with the music. Pierre did the second part while I prepared all the effects working on two station set up at his studio. We put countless hours in this project over a period of three months. To us it’s been a beautiful process of discovery bringing a new kind experience the music video world.

Hope you have good speakers, the music is a great trip, enjoy!

More detailed information below and behind the scene images.


With Polyday, APigeon leads us into a hypnotizing procession where time and space visually overlap. Travelling through her surreal world while leaving traces of light, APigeon is propelled into the uncharted sphere of light painting videography by visual psychonauts Patrick Rochon and Pierre Tremblay through tables signed Thomas Csano. Their mesmerizing visuals are in perfect symbiosis with APigeon modern and powerful soundscapes, equally showcasing her unique musical talents and her rare beauty. 

About APigeon: 

A fascinating bird has landed on the music scene. Annie Sama is a Canadian electronic producer, singer- songwriter performing under the monicker APigeon. She has just completed a long flight that subsequently saw the creation of the album APigeon Is Born, in which the artist infuses a wide range of influences such as electronica, pop and folk. With her lavish voice blessed with flexibility, she extends her vocal range without diffusing emotions, which earned her comparisons to the likes of Björk, Feist, and Lykke Li. With her heartfelt melodies, her boundless harmonies and her poetry, APigeon incarnates the music scene with authenticy which grabbed Vogue's attention, who ultimately dedicated an article on her. 


APigeon worked with Producer Charles-Émile Beaudin with whom she also co-signed the musical arrangements. Organic musical instruments such as drums, African percussions and piano are integrated to the electronic compositions, which defines the APigeon sound. This airy sonic environment fuses perfectly with her heartfelt and dreamy poetry. This first project earned her great reviews who praised the uniqueness of her voice and her integrity as an artist. APigeon has played Pop Montreal, M for Montreal, MEG, The Montreal FRINGE Festival and the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. 


About Patrick Rochon: 

Internationally acclaimed light-painter Patrick Rochon once again pushes the boundaries of the medium he helped create, by transmuting his unique vision to video. Equally at ease in advertising or the fine-art world, Patrick constantly expands and refines his vision by capturing and cumulating the trace of light “painted” by hand. To him, light painting is an artistic representation of the trace we leave behind. His goals are to explore the imagination and different dimensions of our reality while inspiring change and greater connection to the universal consciousness. 


About Pierre Tremblay: 

A true renaissance man, director-cinematographer-editor Pierre Tremblay brings his visionary scope, creativity and technical expertise to this unique project. After a successful career as an advertising photographer, Pierre turned to video in 2002. Since then he has directed documentaries (La Quête de Philippe SRC, Tony Back from the Brink APTN-CBC, etc.), TV commercials (Infiniti, Honda, Loblaw’s, Rogers Cup, etc.) and over one hundred social lobbying videos for various cultural and social organizations (CSN, LEUCAN, Correctional Service of Canada, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Native and Northern affairs, Ministry of Family, etc.). As a mentor Pierre shares his vast knowledge with young Inuit filmmakers. 


About Thomas Csano: 

Art director in advertising (Young & Rubicam, TBWA, Cossette), creative director of his own graphic design agency (Elastik), events creator within Circo de Bakuza (Cirque du Soleil, L Oréal, Hôtel W)... Today, independant designer Thomas Csano he also creates murals (Paul-Émile Borduas, TNM, Cirque du Soleil), and also interior design for restaurants, bars and cafes (Majestique, Waverly, Le Petit Dep).