These are some of the works that was published (magazine, poster, CD jacket) while I was in Tokyo.

The first shooting I did was for ZYAPPU an art and fashion magazine written in roman character while using Japanese words. We did a fashion series shot from the ceiling. The them was opposites, so 2 characters on each shot that represented these opposites. Male and female androgynes, big and slim, tall and short, young and old, hairless and hairy, pure and impure. 
Also back then an other great magazine existed called Zavtone (end of 90’s beginning of 00’s). It was an underground hight quality creative insightful magazine gathering a party tribe of lit-up foreigners and Japanese people collaborating together to make a marginal yet rich magazine.

Also The collaboration with Toyota Altezza and the button dancers Sal Vanilla were important marks and my passage in this amazing country.