In Collaboration with TBWA and INFINITI Motors Middle East, here is a commercial-art project we did in Dubai. We transformed three cars into moving light painting brushes to create a new kind of dynamic images.

The real inspiration for light painting comes when you discover that light is a medium of infinite qualities, when you paint with it you create real surprises, some genuine ‘wows’.

From dream to reality, from mind to matter, we had an array of technical and creative challenges, this was an upward battle all the way, but as soon as we saw the results in camera, the WOWs were being heard surpassing our initial expectations.

We worked in collaboration with three professional precision drivers, great video artists, cameraman, engineer plus a local Dubai team composed of thirteen different nations. All of this became possible because an amazing team from all over the world, great hearts, great minds came together to nourish and create this vision. 

This was a first for all of us, a true adventure, a journey to be more precise. Infiniti and TBWA dared to do something different with us. Especially in this industry, it is rare to see this kind of initiative that challenges the status quo with this straight out of the box mindset. Congrats to the client for opening this up.

It took over four months of intense work to get here and now we offer you the result of our experience. Hope you enjoy it!

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All images, still or moving, were created in front of a camera lens. Even post-processed light trails in the video use only actual information recorded in shot-footage. NO CGI.

After weeks of measuring, mapping, planning, trial & error, each car took four experienced technicians four hours to rig, while the prototype took several days.

Each QX70 has 59 feet, or 18 metres, of L.E.D. strips, carefully fixed in place.

Each vehicle has a total of 2,520 L.E.D.'s with output exceeding 30,000 lumens (the amount of visible light emitted). Designing and assembling the Light Rigs took a team of six specialists several weeks. The specially-made LED strip lighting is a proprietary product manufactured in China under U.S. specification.

This project was truly multinational, combining Canadian, Egyptian, Italian, British, Lebanese, American, Indian, Filipino, Zimbabwean, French, Australian, Syrian and Russian talent.

Patrick Rochon, said: “The real inspiration for light painting comes when you discover that light is a medium of infinite qualities - when you paint with it you create real surprises, some genuine ‘wows’. Throughout my career I have pushed the boundaries of what is possible and Infiniti shares my passion to bring new, fresh and exciting experiences. ‘Inspired Light by Infiniti’, using cars for the first time, takes light painting to the next level both as an art form and as an experience that is truly inspiring.”

-Tom Conway-Gordon Dubai, UAE


Demo 30 sec. by Pierre Tremblay, Listo Films.

THE CREATIVES: Light Painting + Creative Direction - Patrick Florent Rochon.

Producer + Engineer - Evan E. Jones.

Music Composer - Romain Strugala.

Director + Cinematography - Jonpaul Douglass.

Executive Producer + Cinematography - Pierre Tremblay.

Editor +Colourist + Cinematography - Marco Cordero.

Associate Producer - Vincent Santilli & Nathalie Patterson.

Vehicle Lighting Fabrication - Roland Bourgeois & Mark Mercer.

Assistant Camera - Niccolo Corradini.

BTS Photographer - Arkadiy Sukhanov.

PRECISION DRIVERS: Ron Oakley & Imran Mahmood & Mansoor Parol.


Executive Producer - Sabine Farah.

Production Manager - Rita Jabourian.

Production Coordinator - Michelle San Jose.

Production Assistant - Hugo Narciso.

ART DEPARTMENT: Propmen -Abdul Azeez Yoosuf & Ariful Islam.

CREW: Gaffer - Joseph Riachi. Best Boys - Magdi Yaacoup & Janmeris Tallada. Key Grip - Robert Babikian. Sound Recordist - Ihab

INFINITI TECHNICIANS: Denter - Milton Olivera. Technicians - Harry Pasad & Rendy Vilas.

TRANSPORT + RUNNER: Driver: Alla Owdin. Runners + Drivers - Shoukath Para & Khaled Abdullah.

CATERING + UNIT: Ogaret Restaurant.


Special thanks to:

INFINITI MIDDLE EAST: Deputy General Manager - Francesca Ciaudano. Section Manager - Samer Bou Dargham. Marketing Manager - Yara Mansour.

Marketing Assistant - Jizelle Lagman. Marketing + Events Specialist - Marina Baer.

TBWA/ RAAD: Executive Creative Director - Rohan Youg. Art Director - Elisa Arienti. Copywriter - Madeleine Butcher. Producer - Jessica Abi Nassif. Brand Leader - Khalil Salem. Account Director Rania Nazmy. Account Manager - Ola Ibrahim.